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Dream Interpretation for a Better You, a Better Life

New Book Provides Help for New Year’s Resolutions from a Surprising Source: Dreams

 San Diego, December 27, 2017

 Here’s help for your New Year’s resolutions from an unexpected source, and it’s something most of us already do each night: dreaming. A new book from the creator of shows step-by-step how dreamers can interpret dreams and use them to improve themselves and their lives. The Curious Dreamer’s Practical Guide to Dream Interpretation shows how dreams point the way to positive changes: answers to questions, missed opportunities, self-knowledge, self-sabotaging patterns, creative ideas, hidden strengths, wisdom, and direction.

“One dream can change your life,” according to author Nancy Wagaman. “Locked within your dreams are empowering insights, waiting to be discovered like your own personal buried treasure. And even if you don’t remember your dreams, you can learn to improve dream recall.”

A standout among the many dream books on the market, this guide is designed so the reader can customize his or her own process for each dream and the personal growth opportunities it offers. Readers first apply the “dream team” of analysis and intuition to explore dream meaning, then choose from 25 analysis tools and 15 personal-transformation tools such as Reframing, Forgiveness, and Completing Unfinished Business. The book’s eclectic approach draws from various modern psychology disciplines and the author’s years of client work.

Readers will also discover practical steps to deal with nightmares, recapture a forgotten dream, and enhance intuition (described as “your dream translator”), along with surprising answers about whether a dream is likely to come true, why a dream keeps recurring, and why a former love interest showed up in a dream.

This new dream-coach-in-a-book has been declared “a valuable source for dreamwork” by Henry Reed, Ph.D. (“Father of the Dreamwork Movement”), and a “very comprehensive guide” and “insightful book [that] takes the labor out of understanding dreams” by other reviewers.

The paperback is available on, the ebook at most online booksellers. For a limited time, sign up at and get a free download: 6 Myths About Dreams. The next book in this series will be The Curious Dreamer’s Dream Dictionary, providing prompts to facilitate dreamers’ exploration of dream symbols in support of their personal-growth process.

About the author: Nancy Wagaman is a personal-growth innovator whose techniques enable people to tap into deep levels of self for inner transformation and life improvement. Focused on the intersection of science and consciousness, her work springs from her years in R&D, applied intuition, and advanced degrees in applied psychology and communications.

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