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1500 Dream Symbols to Improve Your Life

New Dream Dictionary Translates Dream Symbols into Personal-Growth “Gold”

San Diego, December 4, 2018

Don’t go to sleep without this book! If you've ever wondered about your lost keys or a strange animal in your dream, here’s your chance. The Curious Dreamer’s Dream Dictionary unlocks the world of nighttime mysteries through tips, tools, and 1500 symbols defined for personal growth. One reader proclaims, “This is the coolest book I’ve ever read about dreams!”

“Dream symbolism can be so potent that just one dream symbol can reveal the meaning of an entire life-changing dream.” explains Nancy Wagaman, the book’s author and creator of popular dreams site, “When you wake up from a dream, you already know subconsciously what your dream symbol means. The dreamer’s quest is to coax those secrets out of the subconscious mind into the light of day to reveal symbol meaning. This book shows how.” 

This new addition to The Curious Dreamer book series is a complete course in dream symbol interpretation. Readers jumpstart their interpretation by learning how to understand dream symbol language, recognize the most common forms of dream symbolism, and apply the “dream team” of analysis and intuition to explore symbol meaning. Next, they choose among 1500 illuminating dream symbol descriptions to explore virtually any symbol they can imagine. 

What makes this dream dictionary different is its hands-on approach, with step-by-step techniques and practical tips for delving into symbol meanings and discovering the self-improvement treasure within. Unlike most dream dictionaries, these symbol descriptions prompt dreamers to explore both traditional and personal meanings, as well as hidden pointers to a happier self and better life. The personal-growth focus of this book draws from various modern psychology disciplines and the author’s years of client work.

Must-read topics include: how to understand what a dream symbol says about the dreamer, how to retrieve symbol meaning buried in the subconscious mind, which dream symbols to analyze and which to ignore, and why dream symbol meaning is so personal (hint: which is why standard dream dictionaries often miss the mark).

This book can be used standalone or to complement the first book in this series, The Curious Dreamer’s Practical Guide to Dream Interpretation, a “dream coach in a book” that shows step-by-step how to interpret dreams, find the value in them, and use them to make positive changes.

Both paperbacks are available on and ebooks at most online booksellers. For a limited time, sign up at and get a free download: 6 Myths About Dreams.

About the author: Nancy Wagaman is a personal-growth innovator whose techniques enable people to tap into deep levels of self for inner transformation and life improvement. Focused on the intersection of science and consciousness, her work springs from her years in R&D, applied intuition, and advanced degrees in applied psychology and communications.

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