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Find out what you’re missing in your dreams each night in this practical introduction to dream interpretation. You'll discover 11 keys to exploring your dreams and unlocking their transformative power, including powerful tips and step-by-step techniques. 


"Easily the best book on the subject that I have ever read."
-C. Conn, Reviewer

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Learn Dream Interpretation, Step by Step

Begin with a foundational dream interpretation process and then explore a range of instructive dream topics, including symbolism patterns, analysis techniques, dream intuition, the subconscious mind, dream recall, and nightmares. Browse a concise dream dictionary and top symbol categories that prompt you to explore traditional and personal dream symbol meanings.

This book's hands-on approach to dreams is based in modern psychology disciplines and years of client dreamwork. From the author of The Curious Dreamer's Dream Dictionary and creator of popular dreams website,

About the Author

Nancy Wagaman is a human technologies innovator specializing in personal growth and transformation. Her practical techniques enable people to transform self-limitations and improve their lives. Rooted in science and intuition, Nancy's transformative techniques are practical and easy to use. Nancy began developing human technologies during her early career at Bell Laboratories, and she has also consulted and conducted research for corporate, university, and private clients. Her work has been featured in magazines, radio, and television. Nancy holds advanced degrees in applied psychology and communications, and bachelor's degrees in psychology and biology. She is the creator of The Curious Dreamer's Dream Dictionary ( and has written extensively on applied psychology, intuition, and other personal growth topics.