The Power of Intention

"When you say 'I intend to' you place yourself in an active role, create a connection between yourself and that action, add the intended action to your mental to-do list." From my book, The Curious Dreamer's Guide to Dream Interpretation.

Chapter 4-7 "Setting Intentions" explains the power of intention, and how to use intentions as a tool for creating more of what you want in your life. Here's an excerpt: 

"An intention is a kind of commitment you make within yourself to act or think in a certain way. It is a determination toward a certain action or result. Setting an intention helps you commit to and follow through on something you want to do, change, or create in your life or your consciousness. When you state that you intend to take a particular action, that action automatically gets added to your mental to-do list, and a portion of your mental energy becomes dedicated to making sure you follow through on it.

"Within your consciousness, an intention dedicates more mental power for follow-through than a want, hope, or possibility...."

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