One Dream Symbol Can Unlock an Entire Dream

Sometimes a dream symbol is so loaded with symbolism that once you discover what it means, it reveals the meaning of the whole dream. Read more in this excerpt from "Chapter 1-1: Decoding Dream Symbols" in The Curious Dreamer's Dream Dictionary:

Unlocking the Power of Your Dreams

Dream interpretation provides powerful knowledge about yourself that you might not discover otherwise, if you can understand the language of dream symbols. Encoded within dream symbolism you can find clues to what makes you tick, answers that point you toward your ideal life, and insights to help you resolve past issues and move through the challenges ahead. In fact, dream symbolism is so potent that sometimes translating just one dream symbol can unlock the meaning of an entire life-transforming dream. This book teaches you how to translate dream symbol meaning and use it as the key to unlock the power of your dreams….

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